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Myth 1: Interior designers are unaffordable.

This myth is hands down, number one.

The main reason given by people for not engaging a designer when they would like some professional advise is, that designers are too expensive and don't work with small budgets. In fact so widely held is this belief, it prevents most people from even making a phone enquiry.

The fact is, interior designers work on a large range of budgets.

It also worth noting that it doesn't matter if a client has a tiny, one bedroom flat, or a 200 room palace, there is no such thing as an 'open ended' budget.

Do some research, work out which designers you feel offer the services you are looking for (or ask First Avenue Design Collective to do it for you) and call them. Ask if they are happy working on smaller, budget - friendly projects. Chances are you will speak with an enthusiastic design professional, who's excited for you about your project.

The money you will save using a professional to make sound and cost effective decisions for you, based on their industry experience, will often pay for the service. Mistakes made due to inexperience will result in a poor outcome, disappointment, and a wasted budget.

Myth 2 : My simple home is not worthy of good interior design.

Good design is not elitist or vain, it simply seeks to improve, balance and polish.

Every home deserves to be as well-designed and liveable as can be afforded. Good design is not about objects. It is about creating or arranging liveable, calm, nurturing, exciting homes that use objects and space to their very best effect.

The simplest of abodes still benefit from a considered approach that aims to get the best out of them.

Myth 3 : My personal taste will not be reflected.

A good designer's aim is always to give the very best version of the clients design vision. That can also mean presenting to clients, ideas and products that they aren't aware of, or hadn't considered for their space. This is usually done in the interest of making sure a client knows the most suitable range of options for the design. It's OK to have an opinion and prefer what you presented as a concept.

The best way to achieve the result you are hoping for, is to make sure a clear brief has been created when a designer discusses your needs and wants for your space. Yes. Your space.

Some clients want very little input into the design work of their project and others will want to be involved in most decisions. Let your designer know how you hope to work with them.

Myth 4 : That it is so easy, I can do it myself.

I could redo my bathroom in the time it takes a designer to do the plans!

If you ask any interior designer, builder, kitchen company, or tradesman what effect the myriad of home renovation shows has been, they will all scream back at you 'unrealistic expectations'

Sorry Reno shows, 2 days is barely enough time for the waterproof membranes to dry and cure!!

Achieving a great design result relies on a good design eye, experienced scheduling, appropriate selections, understanding product lead-times and industry knowledge. This is the experience a designer brings to your treasured home and your plans for improving it.

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