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For a quarter of a century the decisions you made regarding how you lived revolved almost purely around needs of a growing family.

While nothing has given you greater pleasure than putting the needs of them first, you now find yourself with a different set of priorities and you ready to embrace them.

One of the most critical is location. No longer is the close proximity to your place of business and the location of the best schools so crucial. The places that give you most pleasure in life can take prominent place in the decision and a coastal retreat or rural hideaway can become a reality.

An established suburban home can now make way for the exciting experience of building your own bespoke piece of paradise. Your choice of materials for a new build becomes much wider too. Stunning tactile surfaces that were out of reach from a practicality and possibly financial perspective, are now available to you, allowing you to choose what you've always wanted. Marble, concrete and timber will all add to the rich layers of your smaller home.

The layout of your next home is also a factor with a different set of needs. Now entertaining friends and family in style and comfort are foremost in your mind, where space for doing homework, a big lawn for sports practice and a bedroom for everybody had previously been the priority.

Yes, its all about you now.

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